Welcome to the Lempster School District!

This district is comprised of talented students, dedicated staff, and involved parents.

Our priority is safety while we incorporate the latest data-based strategies into our

teaching. We are well-prepared to offer an outstanding education to all students.

As you may imagine, the pandemic dominated our attention this year. Routines were

disrupted, remote learning became the norm, and students were not able to have their

learning adequately reinforced from peer-to-peer interaction.

During the summer of 2020 our safety team met every week to create a plan to accept

students back into the school. We offered a Group A & B hybrid model based on a

student’s geographical home address. By doing this we were able to have all students

in school 50% of the week, either on Monday and Tuesdays or Thursday and Fridays.

This permitted us to designate Wednesdays as our deep-cleaning day when we would

disinfect the entire building by hydrostatically fogging each classroom. Creating the

groups by home location also afforded us more efficient bus pick up and determined

specific areas if we ever needed to contact trace. Combined with the fact we followed all

the CDC safety recommendations, our school remained Covid-free.

To be sure, the pandemic has taken its toll on the mental health of our students. The

best way to support them was to remain open as long as we can confidently do it.

In fact, because we have been so successful, in November we opened the school up to

all students four-days-per-week, and we have never been required to shut down due to

health reasons.

In addition, this district tirelessly seeks grants to fund programming that enhances

instruction and safety. Although we are a small district, we are able to create budgets

that provide realistic support to the school.

Anyone associated with the Lempster School has a right to be proud of this school

district! We offer superb education in a safe environment. As we look to the future we

plan to explore foreign language and preschool offerings.

It is an exciting time to be part of the Lempster School District. If you have any

questions, please email me at JLewis@sau71.org.

Best wishes!

Jim Lewis